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Published in Proceso Magazine*
Issue Number 1684
Page 79
February 8th, 2009

Adoptions for Sale: Mexico City’s Government Dirty Little Secret

• Torture and repression against human right's activists in Mexico City

Open letter to Marcelo Ebrard, Mayor of Mexico City, and to the Public Opinion:

On November 23rd, 2008, we published a spread in the magazine Proceso, (Proceso #1673) denouncing the protection of pedophiles and child rapists by senior officials of Mexico City’s Attorney General’s Office, such as the then-District Attorney Alicia Azzolini, who is also accused of torturing human rights activist Vanessa Barroso. As of April 14, 2009, these accusations have never been denied by Miguel Mancera or the Attorney General’s Office.

Alicia Azzolini was removed from office immediately after our November denunciation, using the traditional under–the-table “resignation,” taking advantage of the late December holidays of 2008.

We want to update the international community about what is going on under the government of Mr. Marcelo Ebrard in Mexico City. We have discovered that the Attorney General’s Office has an illegal adoptions business. It gives children out for adoption to individual couples in exchange for money. That is illegal under our Constitution. Reintegración Social, AC, has evidence of this, evidence which will soon be published. Attorney Mancera knows that the case is a political time bomb, and is trying to fabricate a scapegoat by using all means to criminalize our NGO, which has a 10-year trajectory of professional labor.

Overnight, there is irresponsible speculation that this NGO is the incarnation of all sortos of evil, and that the corrupt Attorney General’s Office is an immaculate bastion of human rights. Mr. Mancera is carrying out a dirty campaign of misinformation through some media; notorious among them is his widely discredited diligent spokesman, La Crónica de Hoy. And intolerant extreme right-wing congressman, Agustín Castilla Marroquín, ultra-rightwing lawyers from law firms that defended Puebla’s infamous governor, El Gober Precioso, and some of Ex-District Attorney Alicia Azzolini’s contacts in Mexico City’s government (Azzolini was a long-time employee of the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City) have also joined this slanderous campaign. Why so much money, political connections against a low key NGO? Reintegración Social does not have the resources to face a full-force assault from Mexico City’s Government, in collusion with such shady characters. Because of this, it will continue to rely on social demonstrations, and to post information and evidence regarding this case at and

Mr. Miguel Mancera’s Office of the District Attorney has lost the battle to fabricate culprits in the case of missing child Ilse Michel. Despite carrying out five ostentatious raids, illegally detaining volunteers, and torturing lawyer Vanessa Barroso, six months have passed and they are still unable to obtain a single arrest warrant for the illicit acts they have invented. All the arrest warrants, including appeals, have been refused by the courts due to their lack of legal support. [File numbers and dates available at]

The handling of the case of the missing child Ilse Michel, and the campaign of character assassination orchestrated by Mexico City’ Government against Reintegración Social, AC, are distraction maneuvers to cover up the illegal sales of adoptions by the District Attorney’s Office, as well as Mr. Mancera’s own incompetence. Besides giving out fair-skinned little girls for adoption to middle class families in exchange for money, this business –covered up by Mexico City’s Government– includes cases of public officals taking bribes in return for returning girls who have been sexually abused by family members back to the very same families. The ex-director of the District Attorney’s Office Temporary Children’s Shelter, Lorena González Reyna, has confirmed and presented proof of the fact that 9 year old, Ilse Michel was raped by her own father and grandfather. [Televisa. Denise Maerker’s program, February 3rd, 2009]. Curiously enough, the District Attorney’s Office now parades Ilse Michel’s father before the media as a model citizen and dines and wines torturer Alicia Azzolini.

Human rights activist, lawyer, and mother Vanessa Barroso has challenged Mexico City’s Attorney General Miguel Ángel Mancera to a public debate regarding Ilse Michel’s case, and the sale of illegal adoptions by Mexico City’s Government. So far he has ducked the invitation. We have proposed that the debate be transmitted live and be moderated by a neutral journalist. Vanessa has asked that it take place in a neutral city, given the fact that all the rights and legal guarantees of Reintegración Social’s volunteers and representatives have been suspended in Mexico City. We invite you to read Vanessa’s beautiful manifesto at her website It expresses poetically what she has suffered at the hands of Marcelo Ebrard’s allegedly democratic, pro women and pro human rights government.


Reintegración Social, A.C.

For more information, videos and pictures censored by the government please visit


*Adapted and updated from the original paid insertion, titled originally: Mexico City’s Attorney General Miguel Ángel Mancera, and the Attorney General’s Office’s Business of Illegal Adoptions